Effectiveness of an MPPI: Gratitude-Based Spiritual Group Guidance Program (GSGGP)

Author/s: Fatıma Şule Hatipoğlu, Cinar Kaya

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37898/spc.2023.8.3.190 

Year: 2023 Vol: 8 Number: 3


This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of the Gratitude-Based Spiritual Group Guidance Program (GSGGP), a spiritually oriented group guidance process, on gratitude expression, intrinsic spirituality, and sense of meaning and peace. Using a pre-test-post-test control group design among quasi-experimental designs, the study examined an experimental group that received GSGGP and a control group that did not receive any interventions. The experimental group consisted of 44 university students (5 male, 39 female), with participants’ ages ranging from 18 to 30 (X = 21.55 ± 2.16). The study findings revealed subtle differences in post-test gratitude expression scores between the groups, suggesting a potential impact of the intervention. Intra-group analysis within the experimental group showed statistically significant increases in gratitude expression and intrinsic spiritual experiences. Moreover, the experimental group exhibited enhancements in dimensions of spiritual well-being, including peace-related experiences and the perception of meaning. Overall, the GSGGP demonstrates potential to influence various dimensions of gratitude expression, internal spirituality, and spiritual well-being, offering insights into its multifaceted impact and role in personal growth.

Group guidance • Gratitude intervention • Quasi-experimental design • Spiritual guidance