Family Counseling With The Spiritually-Directed Satir Model: A Case Report



Year: 2023 Vol: 8 Number: 2


The number of studies conducted on the family, which has great importance in the life of the individual and society, is increasing. The need for studies on the establishment, continuity, and protection of the family has increased with the rapid change in family structure and the increasing divorce rates in recent years. Family therapy helps family members to deal with and solve their problems with a holistic perspective. The present study aimed to uncover the effectiveness of Spiritually-directed Family Counseling in complex family problems. Developed by Kılıncer, the “Family Therapy Model Using Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy with the Focus on Spiritual Practices of Islam” is a semi-structured model created by integrating the spiritual-religious sources in Islam with Satir transformational systemic therapy. The study was conducted in 11 sessions with a nuclear family with one child who applied with complex problems such as infidelity, bipolar disorder, cancer, childhood traumas, relationship problems, porn addiction, violence, and suicide attempt. As a result of the therapy, it was found that spirituality-directed family counseling can lead to changes in the family at the first level (less fighting, less anger, calmness, etc.) and at the second level (for the couple to forgive and understand each other internally, opening up more space for each other’s feelings, expectations and longings, etc.).

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