Nurses’ Hospital Work: Exploring The Influence of Spiritual Levels on Care Behaviours and Life Satisfaction

Author/s: Türkan Akyol Güner, Vildan Kalkan Akyüz


Year: 2023 Vol: 8 Number: 3


Spirituality is an important factor in increasing the quality of nursing care, achieving optimal health outcomes and increasing their own life satisfaction. This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of nurses’ spirituality levels on their care behaviours and life satisfaction and raise awareness about the issue. This descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted with nurses working in a hospital between March and June 2022. The sample of the study consisted of 462 nurses. The data were collected through an online questionnaire using the “Personal Information Form”, the “Spirituality Scale”, the “Caring Behaviours Scale” and the “Life Satisfaction Scale”. Nurses’ Spirituality Scale mean score was 22.32+5.62, and it was determined that their spirituality level was high. It was determined that the mean of Care Behaviors-24 was 5.10±0.22, that their care behavior perception was at a high level, and that their Life Satisfaction Scale mean score was 13.42±2.45 and that they had a moderate level of life satisfaction. In addition, a significant positive correlation was found between their spirituality level and quality of caring behaviour (p=0.001; r: 0.512), their spirituality level and life satisfaction (p=0.000; r:0.608), and their care behaviour and life satisfaction (p=0.001; r: 0.510). Nurses’ care behaviors and life satisfaction were found to be effective factors on their spirituality levels.

Spirituality • Nurse • Care behaviors • Life satisfaction • Hospital • Turkey