Positive Psychology and Spirituality: A Review Study

Author/s: Merve Baysal

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.37898/spc.2022.7.3.179 

Year: 2022 Vol: 7 Number: 3


Unlike traditional psychotherapy approaches focused on disease and disorder, positive psychology has opened a new window to the science of psychology by emphasizing the importance of embracing all aspects of individuals. Positive psychology approach not only underlines that the positive, strong aspects of individuals and the good aspects of life deserve at least as much attention as negative facts, but also states that the negative effects of existing problems can be eliminated by identifying and supporting the positive and strong aspects of the individual. Furthermore, positive psychology highlights the necessity of examining these aspects with scientific methods. Spirituality and religious belief occupy a central position in the lives of many individuals and affect the lives of individuals in various ways. Ignoring the spiritual/religious aspect of individuals in the psychotherapy process will lead to an incomplete evaluation. This is contrary to the basic point of view of positive psychology. Positive psychology is open to adressing spirituality in the psychotherapy process. In addition, spirituality is a notion that is examined as part of character strength and virtues in the positive psychology perspective. In this study, which aims to examine the place of spirituality in positive psychology, the relationship between positive psychology and spirituality is examined within the framework of the relevant literature, the basic concepts of positive psychology are discussed within the framework of spirituality. Additionaly, the characteristics of the positive psychotherapy process are examined, the studies in which spiritual/religious practices are included in the positive psychotherapy process and these studies effects were given. It is hoped that this study will complete the missing points in the literature and offer a new perspective to practitioners and researchers.

Positive psychology, spirituality, positive psychotherapy, spiritually oriented positive psychotherapy, review study

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