Social Support and Resilience among 2023 Türkiye Earthquake Survivors: Spirituality as a Mediator

Author/s: Yakup İme


Year: 2024 Vol: 9 Number: 1


Exposure to earthquakes can have negative effects on the resilience of survivors. However, various factors may have a buffering effect on the resilience levels of earthquake survivors. This study aims to examine the mediating role of spirituality in the relationship between social support and resilience among 2023 Türkiye earthquake survivors. A total of 473 earthquake survivors, 293 female (61.9%) and 180 male (38.1%) participated in the study. The age range of earthquake survivors participating in the study ranges from 18 to 34. Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS), Brief Resilience Scale, and Spiritual Orientation Scale were used to collect data from earthquake survivors who directly experienced the earthquake. Results show significant positive relationships between social support, resilience, and spirituality. Also, the relationship between social support and resilience was mediated by spirituality. Research findings indicate that social support and spirituality can contribute to the recovery process of earthquake survivors after traumatic events. It is recommended that researchers and practitioners provide systematic social support for earthquake survivors. In addition, spiritual intervention methods can contribute to the resilience levels of earthquake survivors.

Social Support • Resilience • Spirituality • Earthquake