Spirituality-Integrated Narrative Group Therapy for Adolescent Internet Addiction


DOI: http://doi.org/10.37898/spc.2023.8.2.185 

Year: 2023 Vol: 8 Number: 2


This research aims to examine the effect of spiritually oriented narrative therapy-based group counseling on adolescents’ internet addiction. The study used a quasi-experimental design with a pretest-posttest control group. Participants comprised ten high school students (xm=14.5; xr=14-15; xm=4; xf=6). The experimental and control group consists of 20 adolescents in total. “Internet Addiction Scale” and “Social Media Addiction Scale for Adolescents” were data collection tools. The 8-session program, each consisting of 90 minutes, was applied to the experimental group. The specified scales were applied before and after the sessions were held. Mann-Whitney U and Wilcoxon Paired Pairs Signed Ordinal Numbers Test were used to analyze the data. There was no difference between the experimental and control groups in the first measurements made before the intervention. As a result of the analyses made to examine the intra-group change after the intervention showed a significant adverse change in the experimental group’s internet and social media addiction levels. At the same time, there was no change in the control group. Finally, when the difference between the groups after the intervention was examined, it was seen that there was no significant difference between the groups. These findings showed that the intervention reduced Internet and social media addiction.

Narrative therapy • spirituality • group therapy • internet addiction • adolescent