The Relationship between Spiritual Health and Spiritual Care Competencies in Nurses: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author/s: Eda Kılınç İşleyen, Ebru Akbaş


Year: 2024 Vol: 9 Number: 2


The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between spiritual health and spiritual care competencies among nurses. A cross- sectional study was conducted with nurses employed at a hospital in 2022 (n=205). Data were collected using the “Socio-demographic Information Form,” “Spiritual Health Scale-Short Form,” and “Spiritual Care Competence Scale-Turkish.” The study found that nurses exhibited a moderate level of spiritual health and spiritual care competence. Nurses with higher levels of education and those who had undergone courses or training in spiritual care demonstrated higher levels of spiritual health and spiritual care competencies. A significant correlation was observed between spiritual health and spiritual care competence. Factors such as increased spiritual health, age, level of education, years of professional experience, and participation in religious activities were identified as predictors of enhanced spiritual care competence among nurses. These findings suggest that nurses’ spiritual care competence is influenced by their levels of spiritual health. Based on the study results, it is recommended to incorporate educational and consultancy services aimed at enhancing and developing spiritual health (including assessing and supporting spiritual needs) into the curriculum for nursing students, as well as organizing educational seminars for practicing nurses.

Spiritual health • Spiritual care competence • Nursing education • Nurses