Unveiling the Healing Power of Spirituality: Exploring the Impact on Post-Earthquake Trauma among Türkiye Survivors

Author/s: Zeki Karataş, Esin Tüccar

DOI: http://doi.org/10.37898/spiritualpc.1393636 

Year: 2024 Vol: 9 Number: 2


The trauma experienced after the earthquake affects the well-being of the survivors and makes it difficult for them to adapt to daily life. The level of individuals being affected by trauma may vary depending on many factors such as demographic variables and spiritual well-being. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between post-earthquake trauma and spiritual well- being and various sociodemographic variables among survivors of the 6 February 2023 earthquake in Türkiye. In this study, the question of whether survivors’ post-earthquake trauma levels are significantly explained by their spiritual well-being was sought to be answered. Relational survey model of quantitative research method was used in the study. The sample of the study consists of 440 participants who were reached by convenience sampling technique from earthquake survivors in 11 provinces in Türkiye who survived the earthquake centred in Kahramanmaraş Province. The Scale for Determining the Level of Post-Earthquake Trauma, Spiritual Well-Being Scale, and Sociodemographic Information Form were used as data collection tools in the study. The data obtained were analysed using one-way analysis of variance, t-test and simple regression analysis. As a result of the study, it was determined that there was a low level, negative and significant relationship between the participants’ post-earthquake trauma levels and their spiritual well-being. While there was no significant difference in terms of post-earthquake trauma level between the groups with different residence, education level, and frequency of religious beliefs, a significant difference was found between the post-earthquake trauma level and variables such as gender, age, loss of relatives in the earthquake, perceived economic status, and damage status of the house. The findings show that there is a partial effect of spiritual well-being factor in reducing the negative effects of post-earthquake trauma and the importance of spiritual support in mental health interventions.

Earthquake • Post-earthquake trauma • Spiritual well-being • Post-traumatic stress disorder