Developing the Counselor Attitude Scale for Spirituality in Counseling: A Validity and Reliability Study

Author/s: Figen Kasapoğlu

DOI: 10.37898/spc.2020.5.2.89 

Year: 2020 Vol: 5 Number: 2


The purpose of this research is to develop the Counselor Attitude Scale for Spirituality in Counseling. The study group consists of 386 (253 female, 133 male) counselors. The methods of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses are used to determine the construct validity of the scale. A single-factor structure consisting of seven items has been obtained as a result of the exploratory factor analysis. The compatibility the one-dimensional model has with the data is tested using confirmatory factor analysis. The single-factor model has been determined to have good fit indexes as a result of the analysis (RMSEA = .04, RMR = .03, GFI = .98, AGFI = .95, CFI = .99, IFI = .99, NFI = .98). Cronbach’s alpha coefficient has been calculated as .89 for the reliability analysis of the scale and the test-retest coefficient as .88; the 27% lower-upper group t values are found to be significant (p<.001). The findings show the developed scale to be psychometrically valid and reliable, and useful for assessing counselors’ attitudes towards spirituality in counseling interactions.

Counseling, Spirituality, Attitude, Scale development, Validity, Reliability

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