Optimism, Happiness, Life Meaning and Life Satisfaction Levels of the Faculty of Divinity Students: A Multi-Sample Correlational Study

Author/s: Ali Baltacı, Semra Nurdan Yağlı Soykan

DOI: 10.37898/spc.2020.5.2.91 

Year: 2020 Vol: 5 Number: 2


This research was conducted to determine the optimism, happiness, life meaning, and life satisfaction levels of the Faculty of Theology students. Also, within the scope of the research, it is aimed to determine the relations between these concepts. The research was designed as a correlational survey type that is one of the quantitative research methods.The multi-sample group consisted of 943 students studying in the faculties of theology at the universities of Ankara, Istanbul, Marmara, Ondokuz Mayıs, Ataturk, and Dokuz Eylul. The sample was determined by maximum diversity sampling.”Oxford Happiness Scale Short Form”, “Life Orientation Test”, “Life Meaning Scale” and “Life Satisfaction Scale” were used to collect data.In addition to descriptive statistics, correlation and hierarchical regression techniques were used to analyze the data.As a result of the research; It was determined that the level of optimism and happiness of the students was medium, whereas the perceptions of life meaning and life satisfaction were low. While women are more optimistic, happy and their life satisfaction is higher than men are, men have more perceptions about the meaning of life than women do. Besides, a significant and positive relationship between optimism, happiness, life meaning, and life satisfaction were determined.

Happiness, Optimism, The Meaning of Life, Life Satisfaction, Divinity, Student

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