Partner Violence in Muslim Marriages: Tips for Therapists in the US

Author/s: Esra Nihan Bridge, Nesrin Duman

DOI: 10.37898/spc.2019.4.1.0055 

Year: 2019 Vol: 4 Number: 1


Partner violence in Muslim marriages is one of the most challenging subjects in the therapy setting for both therapists and Muslim clients. Due to the lack of studies and the negative reputation of Muslim families’ in Western culture, many therapists may carry stereotypes about partner violence in Muslim societies. Moreover, as a result of these same reasons, many Muslim clients might be hesitant to seek help or share their negative experiences. In family therapy, therapists would benefit from knowing what Muslim marriages are like and from learning to respect their clients’ cultural values. Understanding Muslim families better can be valuable in the therapy setting for many Muslim clients by helping therapists recognize abuse and enabling clients to seek help for partner violence. The current study aims to guide therapists in understanding marriages, cultural values, and partner violence in terms of Muslim marriages; to prepare them for challenges in therapy; and also to encourage future studies focused on preventing and combatting intimate partner violence.

Muslim marriages, Intimate partner violence, Couples, Violence, Therapist

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