Spiritual Interventions in Juvenile Delinquency


DOI: 10.12738/spc.2018.1.0038 

Year: 2018 Vol: 3 Number: 1


This study is a review on spiritual and religious oriented interventions for juvenile delinquents. The article is composed of five parts, namely: (i) juvenile delinquency, (ii) the relationship between crime and spirituality, (iii) spiritual interventions for juvenile delinquency, (iv) spiritual interventions in prison for delinquent children, and (v) spiritual interventions in schools for delinquent children and their family. In the first part, the definition and scope of juvenile delinquency and the factors for committing a crime are given. In the second part, theories of spiritual psychology concerning juvenile delinquency are expressed. Faith-based intervention approaches, group psychological consultation approaches, and the spiritual interventions and counseling proficiencies of positive psychology’s spiritual intervention and counseling proficiencies are discussed in the third part. In last part, space has been given to in-school interventions and prevention approaches for families.

Juvenile delinquency, Spiritual interventions, Faith-based programs, School-based interventions, Family

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