Spirituality in Psychotherapy Settings: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Experiences of Turkish Health Professionals

Author/s: Halil Eksi, Zeynep Takmaz, Selami Kardas

DOI: 10.12738/spc.2016.1.0005 

Year: 2016 Vol: 1 Number: 1


This study aims to explore the role of spirituality in psychotherapy using counselors’ own experiences. A phenomenological approach was used to examine data from interviews completed by eight psychological counselors working in the counseling field in Istanbul, Turkey. Findings showed that counselors acknowledged the importance of discussing topics related to spirituality. Common reasons for engaging in spiritual discussions in treatment were outlined. Results suggest that developing skills and confidence to work with issues of spirituality is a complex and dynamic task.

Spirituality in counseling, Spiritual therapeutic process, Counselor’s approach to spirituality

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