The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Happiness: Research on Hockey Players

Author/s: Arif Özsarı, M. Çağrı Çetin


Year: 2022 Vol: 7 Number: 3


The aim of this research is to investigate the relationship between spiritual intelligence and happiness. The universe of the research consists of 7 women’s clubs, 8 men’s clubs and a total of 180 athletes, 84 women and 96 men, from 15 clubs, participating in the women’s-men’s open field 1st league competitions of the Turkish Hockey Federation 2020-2021 season. Ethics committee approval was obtained for the research. CFA was performed for the research scales. In addition to descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and multiple regression analyzes were applied within the context of the relational model. According to the results of the correlation analysis, a significant, positive and moderate correlation was found between existential thinking, personal meaning production, awareness and conscious state expansion, which are the sub-dimensions of spiritual intelligence, and happiness. According to the results of the multiple regression analysis, it can be said that awareness and conscious state expansion, which are sub-dimensions of spiritual intelligence, have a significant positive contribution in explaining the effect of spiritual intelligence on happiness, and that the happiness of the athletes will increase with the increase in their awareness and conscious state expansion depending on their spiritual intelligence.

Hockey players, happiness, spiritual intelligence

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