Ultramodern Psychology: A Vision Construction with Culture, Religion, Cognitive Science and Neurotheology


DOI: 10.37898/spc.2019.4.3.080 

Year: 2019 Vol: 4 Number: 3


This research paper focuses on the evaluation of historical connections and interactions between psychology, psychiatry, psychologists, beliefs and religions. The argument of this research is; for developing future perspectives on psychology, religion can possibly provide historical and modern tools, as well as various other contributions. Within the scope of this research paper, the main idea and some other relevant arguments have been developed by evaluating historical facts and scientific analysis presented under the sub-sections of this essay, namely; psychology, beliefs and interdisciplinary connections, nonmaterial beliefs in cultural psychology, science and religion: a synergetic approach is possible, studying psychology and religion, psychology of religion, psychological benefits of religion, interpreting and utilizing new brain sciences of neurotheology and cognitive science. The conclusion briefly summarizes diverse understandings formed through the evaluation of these sub-sections. This research illustrates the coexistence of religious and scientific knowledge using the emergence of modern psychology. On the other hand, some arguments regarding the commercialization of research targets, the transformation of science into neoliberal market discourses leading to some kind of social Darwinism, or regarding some of the influences of some of the sponsors; some of the leaders; some of the foundations; some of the scientism ideologies; and various global agendas are shared to illustrate the necessity to be cautious.

Cultural psychology, transpersonal psychology, psychology of religion, cognitive science of religion, neurotheology

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