The Moderator Role of Spirituality on the Relationship between Fear of COVID-19 and Psychological Well-Being

Author/s: Alzira G. Gireyhan


Year: 2022 Vol: 7 Number: 2


This study aims to investigate the relationship between fear of the COVID-19 Pandemic and psychological well-being in Turkey, by concentrating on spirituality as a moderator role. Keeping in mind Turkey’s religious and spiritual beliefs, and with the pandemic, the relationship between spirituality, fear of COVID-19 and well-being, needs to be discussed. It is hypothesized that the relationship between fear of COVID-19 and psychological well-being will be moderated by individuals’ spirituality. The survey method was used, and online data was gathered by a snowballing sample. The total of the sampling group consisted of 473 participants. In the analysis process, Process Macro v3.5 was used for moderation analysis. The findings indicate that spirituality has a moderator role on the model, especially when the spiritality of individuals’ was at a high or medium level. The results indicate that there is a moderator role of spiritualty between the relationship of fear of COVID-19 and well-being, and it was so among individuals who have medium to high spirituality. The importance of the findings are discussed.

pandemic • COVID-19 • spirituality • psychological well-being • COVID-19 fear